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10 Treats Your Bulldog Will Adore

Bulldogs are VERY food centered. If they had it their way, their face would probably not leave the food bowl – never.

Unfortunately, they are also a breed mostly known for their numerous health issues – including digestive problems. Additionally, their overall diet also affects other aspects of their health, and overweight and obese bulldogs are at higher risk of developing health problems.

As a result, bulldog owners need to be mindful of the treats they are giving to their bulldogs and how often said treats are available for the dog.

But, what can you actually give to your bulldog without worry?

Well, there are two ways you can go about it: store-bought dog treats or home-maded treats.

Store-bought Treats: What to Look For

What to look for when you are buying treats? Make sure to check the nutritional label available on the packaging. Here you can check whether the treat has excessive sugar amounts or any added chemicals. Keep an eye out on the fat levels on the food as well, if it is over 10% of their daily fat intake, maybe switch to a different treat.

Here are a few premade treats you can give to your bulldog:

Natural Balance Dog Treats

Natural Balance Dog Treats are perfect for bulldogs! This brand makes their treats in six different flavors, but their ingredients are limited – therefore, you always know what you are giving to your pet. Their products are grain free, and their ingredient sourcing makes them perfect for dogs with allergies.

Jerky as a Dog Treat

There are jerky made especially for dogs. Do NOT give your own jerky to your pet, but instead you can buy their very own. Jerky can be made with different ingredients, and as they are basically the dehydrated version of those ingredients, they have no additives in them. The great thing about jerky is that you can easily make dog-friendly versions at home on your own.

Honest Kitchen Cuddles

Who doesn’t love a cuddle. These bite-sized cookies are made from wild-caught salmon and pumpkin, which results in a delicious and healthy treat option. The Honest Kitchen Cuddles are a great option during training, as their low-calories eliminate the worry of overfeeding your pup.

Castor & Pollux Organix Dog Cookies

These cookies contain no extra, unnecessary chemicals, additives or colorings. They are also available in different flavors, including: chicken, beef, and even peanut butter.

Gluten-free Dog Cookies

Gluten-free cookies are an excellent choice as a treat for bulldogs. Digesting too much gluten will give them stomach problems and gas. To prevent this, switch out their treats to gluten-free dog cookies, which are available in many flavors – you will just need to find a brand that you and your dog like.

Home-Made Treats: What Can You Use

The other version of doggy treats you can give to your bulldog if the DIY one. You can cook them or prepare some individual treats and just let your bulldog enjoy the outcome.

However, you still need to remember that not everything in your house is good for your dog. Bulldogs have sensitive stomachs, and what they are given to eat need to be picked while keeping that fact in mind.

So, what do you have in your home that your bulldog can eat?

Meats: Chicken, Salmon, Fish Fillets

Dogs love to eat meat. This is also true for bulldogs. While pork is not considered among the healthy meat types for a bulldog, other types are a perfect go-to to treat your pup. Cooked salmon or fish fillets, and raw chicken provide the protein they need to even out their energy levels. Just be careful and don’t give when chicken bones, as chicken bone fragments can get stuck in their throats easily.

Fruits and Vegetable

It is a good idea to mix some vegetables or fruits into your dog’s diet. They are full of vitamins, which will improve their health, energy levels, and as they are delicious as well, your bulldog will love them. The only problem which may arise here is the sugar levels. Some fruits and vegetables are regular sugar bombs that will not be good for your bulldog. However, the safe ones are apples, bananas, different types of berries, mangoes and oranges, among others.

Peanut Butter

Yes, peanut butter is good for your bulldog, especially the sugar-free versions. They are an excellent source of healthy, natural fats, but moderation is the key. Do not overdo it, just put a little bit on a spoon and let them lick it off.


While popcorn might not seem like a healthy option, it actually is. Well, not the movie theatre ones drenched in salt and butter. Instead, pop the corn yourself (it can be a store-bought popcorn), and do not add any extra flavors. Be mindful of the kernels, as they are a choking hazard. However, you bulldog will love this salty treat.


Eggs are a great source of protein. The best part about eggs is that they can be prepared in multiple ways, all of which will make delicious treats for your bulldog. Make sure the egg is cooked, fried, boiled, however you wish to make it, in order to prevent salmonella. Your bulldog will surely love this treat, no matter which way you prepare it.

A Final Thought About Treats

While both store-bought and home-made treats can be excellent for your bulldog, always check what you are giving to them to digest. As mentioned before, sadly, bulldogs are prone to many illnesses, so it is important to keep their diet as clean as possible.

Not only will this prevent obesity, but it will also ensure that your dog is living a healthy and pain-free life. However, as long as the treat is safe for your bulldog to consume, they will happily take whatever you give them. Their stomach knows no bounds

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