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Are English Bulldogs Smart?

english bulldog shop are english bulldogs smart

Certain breeds of dogs have a reputation for being smarter than others. When it comes to intelligence, there are three factors involved. 

The ability to learn, or to be trained, is the first aspect of a dog’s intelligence. Second is the instinctive intelligence that a specific dog breed has, for example, their ability to hunt or herd. Third, is the dog’s level of obedience or willingness to follow commands.

Originally bred for bull-baiting, English bulldogs were known as an aggressive breed. Today, this aggressiveness has largely been bred out of them. English bulldogs make ideal family pets.

How Smart is an English Bulldog?

English bulldogs are unfairly given a reputation as dumb dogs. While they certainly have the ability to learn, they may choose not to. When it comes to obedience, an English bulldog won’t follow commands if it doesn’t want to.

Independence is a key feature of this breed. They are very strong-willed and will refuse to obey if they don’t see the benefit. Giving treats or other rewards can increase their obedience.

English bulldogs may take longer than other breeds to learn commands. This will not pose a problem so long as you have patience with your dog and commit to regular training.

english bulldog shop are english bulldogs smart

Are English Bulldogs Easy to Train?

The American Kennel Club (AKC) ranks dogs on their trainability level. On a scale of 1-5, bulldogs are given a score of 4. Bulldogs are eager to please and devoted to their owner, which makes them easier to train.

English bulldogs are considered one of the most stubborn dog breeds. They have a tendency to obey commands only when it is convenient for them. However, they are highly food-motivated and will usually follow instructions when rewarded with a treat.

As with any dog breed, you should start training your dog early so they develop good habits that will last a lifetime. It is much harder to train an adult dog than a puppy.

Bulldogs love to chew and not just as puppies. Be sure to provide your dog with suitable toys and ensure they know the difference between a chew toy and your shoe.

By six months, your English bulldog should be able to follow basic commands like Sit and Stay. With persistent instruction, they can also be potty trained by this age.

The key to training English bulldogs is to use plenty of praise and rewards. While treats are one option, rewards can also be pets and playtime. Avoid any punitive forms of training.

Emotional Intelligence and English Bulldogs

One aspect of intelligence that is often overlooked in dogs is their emotional intelligence. This refers to their ability to recognize emotions in humans and respond to them appropriately.

English bulldogs are highly intelligent when it comes to this area. They display empathy and compassion for people. This breed can easily pick up on people’s emotions and provide comfort when needed.

Another aspect of emotional intelligence is their attachment to their owner. English bulldogs are very loyal and will jump at the chance to protect their owner and family. They are gentle and loving, making them a great choice for families with children. 

What Tricks Can an English Bulldog Learn?

English bulldogs can learn many commands and tricks. After they have mastered the basics like Sit, Stay, and Heel, you can begin teaching them more complex things.

Tricks such as rolling over, shaking a paw, or giving a kiss, can easily be learned by your English bulldog. You can also teach them to play dead, to fetch, and to speak.

Your English bulldog can be trained to bring you specific items. The first step is teaching them to learn the names of specific objects like newspapers or slippers. Once they know the name, you can ask your dog to fetch the item.

You may have seen videos of English bulldogs skateboarding. While this isn’t something every pet will be up for, you can definitely give it a try with your dog! Start by introducing the skateboard and having them learn to stand on it. Once they’ve mastered that, they can get rolling!

english bulldog shop are english bulldogs smart


English bulldogs may not be known as the smartest dog breed around, but they definitely display many aspects of being intelligent. Their ability to be trained and their emotional intelligence are two of their strengths. 

A dog’s level of intelligence will vary within the breed. Not every English bulldog will display the same characteristics or respond to training in the same way. Two English bulldogs may be very different in terms of their intelligence and obedience.

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  1. Helena crabtree says:

    I have a three year old brindle and white purebred boy who holds two trick dog certificates and a canine good citizen award. All finished within the first year of his life. He OWNS 26 tricks and is smart as a whip!! I have never trained a dog before, so if I can do it so can you!

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