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Are English Bulldogs Strong?

english bulldog shop are english bulldogs strong

With their stocky, muscular appearance, English bulldogs certainly look strong, but are they? The answer is yes. In fact, English bulldogs are considered one of the strongest breeds of dogs!


English bulldogs were originally bred for bull-baiting. These dogs were used to bring bulls out to the ring for purposes of entertainment. They were also used to help subdue bulls so that they could be castrated. English bulldogs used their bodies and jaws to hold bulls to the ground. While this practice has long been outlawed, it speaks to their formidable strength.

Body Composition

Today, English bulldogs are shorter than their predecessors. The average English bulldog is approximately 13-16 inches tall. Fully-grown females weigh 40-50 pounds, while adult males usually weigh 50-55 pounds.

This breed has a thick, compact body. Their wide, heavy shoulders create stability and strength. English bulldogs have a short, thick neck and strong, powerful jaws.

While they are certainly not the largest dog breed around, they are quite strong, especially for their size. Don’t underestimate the strength of your English bulldog!

english bulldog shop are english bulldogs strong

Do Bulldogs Bite Hard?

The bite of a dog is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI). This is the amount of force over one square inch of space. Dog breeds vary in the force of their bite and even dogs of the same breed can have different bite strength.

The strength of a dog bite depends on different factors. The dog’s mood may influence how hard it bites. For example, a dog who bites while playing is going to have less force than a dog biting to fend off an attacker.

Other factors, including the overall health of the dog and their energy level, may influence the strength of their bite. Generally the larger the dog, the stronger the bite. An English bulldog puppy, for example, will not have the same force as a fully-grown adult dog.

English bulldogs have a bite strength that measures 210 PSI. Other breeds that have a similar bite strength are the Pitbull (235 PSI), German Shepherd (238 PSI), and Chow Chow (220 PSI). In comparison, the Kangal breed, which is a livestock guardian breed popular in Turkey, has a bite force of 743 PSI. 

Are Bulldogs Naturally Muscular? 

English bulldogs are muscular due to the history of the breed. The force needed in bull-baiting was such that these dogs were bred to be strong. These days, English bulldogs tend to be docile creatures, but they have retained their muscular stature.

Do Bulldogs Have Strong Jaws?

An English bulldog’s large head, flat face, and defined jaw give it plenty of strength. If an English bulldog bites, it has a firm grip and can be difficult to get the dog to let go.

When training your dog, it is important that you include the commands Drop it and Let go, for times when you need them to release their jaws.

English bulldogs are friendly, gentle creatures, but like any dog, they can bite if threatened or provoked. Proper training and adequate supervision will reduce the likelihood of your dog biting.

Are Bulldogs Fat or Muscular?

English bulldogs are naturally muscular. Despite their small stature, these dogs usually weigh around 50 pounds, making them compact yet strong.

english bulldog shop are english bulldogs strong

Like any dog, English bulldogs can gain weight and become obese. If the dog is fed an unhealthy diet or fed too much, it can get fat. Lack of exercise can also cause them to lose some of their muscle.

Can I Make My Bulldog Stronger?

While it is important to give your dog an adequate amount of exercise, you don’t want to overdo it. English bulldogs can have many health issues and over-exercising can make these worse.

English bulldogs are prone to heart disease, respiratory problems, and hip dysplasia. To reduce the chances of your pet having health challenges, you should exercise your dog 20-30 minutes every day. Depending on the dog, you might want to break this up into two smaller walks of 10-15 minutes each.


Due to their original breeding purposes, English bulldogs are strong, muscular dogs. Despite their strength, they tend to be calm, gentle dogs that are ideal for families. Providing your English bulldog with an appropriate amount of exercise and a healthy diet will help your dog have a healthy life.

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