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Bulldog breeds – how many are there, and what are the differences? 

English bulldog shop Bulldog breeds - how many are there

Did you know that there are so many different Bulldog breeds that we would need 3 texts just to name them all? Here is a little guide through the most common bulldog breeds:

There is a wide variety of breeds where you can find Bulldog features or DNA, but we can not possibly write about all of them. So, we have collected some of the most popular and interesting bulldog breeds to present to you and spice things up a little! Let’s check it out:

How many Bulldog breeds are there in the world?

Ah, bulldog breeds! These stout-hearted, squishy-faced little fellas are just too adorable to resist. Who can say no to those wrinkly faces and wiggly bums? But did you know that there are several variations of bulldogs out there, and each of them has its own sparkly personality and temperament that we adore? 

Don’t worry; we will sift through the jumble and focus on the most popular five breeds. Get ready for some bulldoggy goodness!

But the main question still stands – how many bulldog breeds are there? Well, there are quite several bulldog variations out there. From the English bulldog to the French, the Olde English Bulldogge, Catahoula, or Ca De Bou – they all bring their own unique quirks to the table. We have chosen some of the most popular and famous bulldog breeds in the world, and here are the most interesting facts about them:

English bulldog breed

English bulldog shop Bulldog breeds - how many are there

Now, let’s see our first contender for the Bulldog Crown – the English bulldog. These delightful chunksters are known for their distinctive wrinkled snouts, droopy faces, and adorable underbites. English bulldog breed is known for its thick muscular body, short legs, and wide chest look, and they are not so tall! They have about 16-17 inches or around 40 cm. Since they are a bit lazy and are not big fans of activities, they can be prone to obesity, so you should make sure to give them a balanced bulldog diet!

They may not be the fastest runners, but boy, they make up for it with their charm and sweetness. English bulldogs are quite sleepy pups, so if you’re looking for a snuggle buddy, look no further – they love their comfy doggy beds!

French bulldog breed

English bulldog shop Bulldog breeds - how many are there

Next up, we have the French bulldog. These pint-sized bulldogs are like little bundles of joy, complete with perky bat ears that could make you melt on the spot. Frenchies are known for their playful and affectionate nature, making them fantastic companions for families or solo adventurers. Plus, their snorting and snuffling noises are enough to brighten anyone’s day. They have a sparky personality, strong will, and all that in a small body! They grow up to 13 inches but make up for size with a great temperament!

American Bulldog

English bulldog shop Bulldog breeds - how many are there

Moving on to the American bulldog, we find ourselves in the presence of a true athlete. These bulldogs have the will and love for sports and activities and are very loyal! With their sturdy build and fierce determination, they make excellent guard dogs. Just don’t let their tough exterior fool you – they have hearts of gold beneath those bulging muscles. Also, American bulldogs are not as small as their relatives from France or England! They can grow up to 30 inches and are quite intimidating to see, but don’t worry, they are like playful children – goofy and lovable!

Olde English Bulldogge breed

English bulldog shop Bulldog breeds - how many are there

When we say bulldog, we can’t skip past the Olde English Bulldogge. Unlike its more refined English cousin, this breed takes a step back to its roots! The idea was to revive the bulldog breed to resemble those tough bull-biting dogs from centuries ago! They still have that signature wrinkled face but with a little extra muscle and athleticism. Olde English Bulldogges are adventurous, outgoing, and always up for a good play session. Get ready to witness one of the most charming combinations of bulldog genes from history!

Bull Mastiff breed

English bulldog shop Bulldog breeds - how many are there

The power dog, created from Mastiff and Bulldog breed crossing, is one of the biggest in the breed varieties! They can grow up to 35 inches and gain 120 pounds! That is a massive and serious dog, but don’t let their size fool you! They can be intimidating but are very friendly, and they love socializing! They are also pretty smart, easy learners, and can be easily trained since they are not as stubborn as their relatives! Still, they do have one difference from their English bulldog relatives and other ones – they have shorter life spans! English bulldog lifespan, for example, is 12 to 14 years, and Bull Mastiff can live up to 9 years!

Bulldog breeds general characteristics

Even though every bulldog breed has its own unique traits and characteristics that we all love and cherish, they have some similarities due to their genetic bond! 

  • Stubbornes – oh, for the love of Dogs, these breeds can be really hard-headed and stubborn beyond limits! That is why some breeds have problems in training or can be very hard to learn basics! Still, with good guidance, strong will, and persistence – you and your bulldog will get on the same page, and you will have and great doggo with a great attitude!
  • Wrinkly faces and short snouts! Since wrinklyness are the special trait that follows all breeds of bulldogs in the world, you should know a few things about that! You must take special care of wrinkles and keep them clean to avoid skin and health problems! Short or shorter snouts are also the genetical trait for bulldogs, but for older kids, it was not as short as it is for French or English bulldogs! This may cause respiratory problems, but it is nothing that your Vet can’t take care of!
  • Love, loyalty, and affection – These breeds are very loyal to their family; they are full of love for their humans and won’t miss a chance for a nice snuggle or belly rub! They are like big babies that love your attention, but they will give you so much more affection than you could ever give them!

So, we’ve scratched the surface of this wonderfully diverse world of bulldog breeds. Each variation brings its own distinctive traits and undeniable charm. No matter which bulldog breed steals your heart, one thing is for sure – their unwavering loyalty and love will make your life a whole lot more entertaining, drool-filled, and, of course, endlessly joyful.

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