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Do English Bulldogs Shed? Top 4 Things To Keep In Mind

do english bulldogs shed

Considering getting an English Bulldog, are you? They’re like little tanks with the heart of a teddy bear, but let’s talk about something important – their shedding. You know, that hairy situation that can turn your black jeans into a fashion statement you didn’t intend to make. Do English bulldogs shed is an important question to consider if you want to own these gremlins.

do english bulldogs shed

Do English bulldogs shed and how much?

Alright, let’s not beat around the bush. These adorable wrinkly buddies do shed. They might not look like your typical fur factory, but don’t be fooled by their short coat. They’re not exactly a walking lint brush, but they’re not balding monks either. 

English bulldogs do shed thoroughout the year with increased intensivity twice a year. Their coat needs to renew and prepare for different seasons, and shedding is a normal process in these dogs.

What’s the deal with bulldog shedding?

  1. Do English bulldogs shed throughout the year?

   – The Polite Shedders: Some bulldogs are like that guest who barely leaves a trace.

   – The Middle-of-the-Road Shedders: Most bulldogs fall here, leaving a souvenir on your couch, bed, you name it.

   – The Overachievers: Then there are those who leave enough hair to knit a small sweater.

english bulldog shedding

2. Seasonal shedding in English bulldogs? Kinda sorta

   – Spring and Fall Shedding: 

They might go for a new ‘look’ (read: shed more) during these times. As one of the best solutions to keep your house clean during the shedding season is to dress your gremlin into a cozy English bulldog pajamas. The following pick features a pleasant cotton fabric which is stretchy and it covers a large area of your dog’s body. In that way, a lot of your bulldog’s hair will stay under the dog pajamas and you’ll find less hair in your living place.

   – Year-Round Shed-fest:

 But honestly, it’s a year-long shedding fiesta with these pups. They belong to moderate shedders so you’ll always find your bulldog’s hair on your furniture and carpet.

How to decrease the shedding in your French bulldog?


1. Brush-a-lot Strategy

   – A regular brushing routine with the appropriate English bulldog brush can save your home from becoming a fur palace. You can perform brushing in your bathroom or outdoor to keep your house cleaner. 

And, in case you’re not sure what type of brush to use for brushing your English bulldog’s coat, we recommend to have a look at the Self-Cleaning English Bulldog Brush. It features thin pins that effectively collect dead hair and thanks to the button on the back, you can release the collected hair after the grooming session.

english bulldog shedding Silicone English Bulldog Brush Glove is our second pick of brushes for English bulldogs. It features gentle silicone bristles and allowe you to easily reach all the places on your dog’s body.

do english bulldogs shed

2.  Food and how it affects shedding in English bulldogs

When it’s about dealing with hair loss in English Bulldogs, what they eat is really important. Feeding your Bulldog a good mix of food not only keeps them healthy in general, but also helps their coat look and feel nice. The right food can make their hair roots stronger, lower too much falling out of hair, and give them a bright, full fur. On the other hand, allergies can also be

Here’s a breakdown of key ingredients that are beneficial for improving a dog’s coat:

– Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids: 

The important fats in fish oil and flaxseed, help to keep a good-looking coat healthy. They assist in keeping the skin and fur wet, cutting down on flaky bits and lowering hair loss.

– Biotin: 

Biotin, also called Vitamin B7, is very important in helping hair grow and keeping it healthy. It helps in growing new hairs, resulting in a better fur. Foods that are good sources of biotin include liver, eggs and green leafy vegetables.

– Protein: 

Good protein is really important for strong and growing hair. Stuff like chicken, beef and eggs give the parts needed for making and keeping a good coat strong.

– Vitamin E: 

This vitamin is very important for keeping your skin healthy and you can get it from things like oil made from wheat seeds and leafy green plants. It aids in fixing hurt skin and making the fur look glossy.

– Zinc: 

This mineral, that you can get from meat and beans, is very important for making your skin good and helping your hair to grow. Not having enough zinc can cause your hair to fall out and make its look less shiny.

– Antioxidants: 

Good things like A and C, got from fruits and veggies make are strong stoppers of harm to the body. They aid in shielding the skin and fur from things that can harm them, which cuts down on hair loss and helps make a strong coat in your English bulldog.

By adding these good things to eat into your English Bulldog’s diet, like top-grade store-bought dog food or special extras you give them, their fur can get a whole lot better and they’ll also be healthier. Always talk to a vet before you make big changes in what your pet eats. This way, they can check if the food mix is good and right for their health needs. Keep in mind, a strong dog is a happy dog and you can often see this joy in their glossy, healthy fur!

english bulldog shedding

3. Do English bulldogs shed due to excessive bathing?

Bulldogs are not the breed that needs frequent baths. They’re pretty chill about their hygiene, unlike some breeds that are high-maintenance divas. Bathing them too often can actually backfire. Here’s why:

  • Skin Irritation: Over-bathing can dry out their skin, making it itchy and irritated. And when they scratch, more hair falls out. It’s a vicious cycle!
  • Natural Oil Stripping: Their skin has natural oils that keep their coat shiny and healthy. Too much bathing can strip these oils, leading to more shedding.

So, How Often Should You Bathe Your Bulldog?

The golden rule? Only when necessary. If they’ve rolled in something questionable or are starting to smell like they’ve been marinating in eau de dog, it’s bath time. Otherwise, let them rock their natural look.

4. Do English bulldogs shed due to a lack of water intake?

   –  How much water an English Bulldog drinks is really important for its good health, and it also affects how much hair they lose. Drinking enough water is very important for keeping their coat and skin healthy. 

Here’s how proper water intake affects shedding in English Bulldogs:

Hydration and Your Bulldog: More Than Just a Drink

Let’s cut to the chase: Water for your bulldog isn’t just about stopping the panting, it’s like the secret sauce for their coat. Think of it as a magic potion for their skin, keeping it less crunchy and more lush. Those skin oils? Total heroes for a coat that doesn’t just shine, but holds tight to each strand. Skimp on the water, and it’s like skipping conditioner – hello, hair everywhere!

A Dry Bulldog is a Sheddy Bulldog

Imagine your bulldog’s body is a bit like your smartphone on 1% battery. Not enough water, and it’s prioritizing survival, not fur fabulousness. The result? Your furry friend starts to shed like it’s going out of style.

Water: Your Bulldog’s Bestie for Fur and Health

A bulldog with a full water bowl is like a car with a full tank of gas – it just runs better. It’s not just about a wet nose; it’s about keeping their coat in tip-top shape and on their body. More water equals less hair on your furniture. It’s a win-win.

Do English bulldogs shed? Wrapping up

 Bulldogs shedding is part of their charm. It’s like they’re gifting bits of themselves to your couch, carpet, and favorite pants. Deciding to bring a bulldog home means embracing a little fluff. But let’s be real, a few hairs never broke the bank, right? If you don’t mind a bit of brush time and are ready to make your vacuum an honorary family member, a bulldog is your perfect furry pal. So, gear up for a journey filled with love, laughs, and a bit of lint rolling – it’s all part of the bulldog package!

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