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English bulldog ear infection – signs, treatments and prevention

English bulldog shop English bulldog ear infection - signs, treatments and prevention

English bulldog ear infection can be a serious problem if we don’t manage them on time; that is why we have made this little ear infection guide to help you and your pup deal with it!

Ear infections in English Bulldogs can be very uncomfortable and painful and can lead to more serious complications. That is why we think that it is important to know how to recognize, treat, and prevent ear infections in English Bulldogs. Let’s help our bulldogs to have a happy and healthy life with perfect hearing and clean ears!

Why does my English bulldog have an ear infection?

We all love our English bulldogs, especially because of their personality and wonderful wrinkly bodies! However, their unique physical traits, including their adorable floppy ears, can make them more prone to ear infections! English Bulldogs have a relatively narrow ear canal because of their facial anatomy. Actually, many dog breeds that have shortened snouts have this problem. Ear infections are common in French bulldogs, Olde English bulldogs, Cane Corso, and others.

A narrow ear canal can easily trap moisture, debris, and bacteria. The dark and wet environment is perfect for infection development and inflammation! The wrinkles and folds that we all love can also contribute to infection-causing bacteria getting into the ear area! And we must mention that English bulldogs are prone to various health issues like breathing problems or cherry eye issues just as much as ear infections, all because of their unique and adorable face structure!

Ear infection in English bulldogs – symptoms and signs to watch out for

English bulldog shop English bulldog ear infection - signs, treatments and prevention

When you have an English bulldog, you can start to recognize their behavior changes that can tell you when there is something wrong! When they have an ear infection, believe us, they will find a way to show you! But until they can show you their discomfort, there are some signs you can catch on and recognize ear infections!

Early signs of ear infections in English Bulldogs may include:

  •  Frequent scratching
  •  Rubbing of the ears, 
  •  Head shaking,
  •  Increased sensitivity when their ears are touched 

Among these behavioral signs, you can also notice some visible symptoms like:

  • Redness, 
  • Swelling, 
  • Discharge, 
  • Unpleasant odor, 
  • The buildup of wax or debris in the ear canal. 

If you notice any of these symptoms of ear infection in English bulldogs, you should visit your veterinarian, get a proper diagnosis, and start treatment! 

English bulldog ear infection treatment

English bulldog shop English bulldog ear infection - signs, treatments and prevention

When it comes to diagnosing and treating ear infections in English Bulldogs, even though you can notice the symptoms, it is best to ask for advice from a veterinarian! Veterinarians can use various diagnostic methods, like visual examination, swabbing for microscopic analysis, and sometimes even x-rays or cultures, to identify the underlying cause and type of infection.

After the diagnosis is made, you will get a treatment plan for your bulldog. In general, treatments may include antibiotics in the form of ear drops or oral medication to fight against the infection. Antibiotics are often used because they can easily fight off the bacteria that cause the infection. If the ear problem is caused by a yeast infection, the recommended medication will be based on antimycotics!

In some severe cases, a veterinarian may recommend surgical solutions for ear infections. The surgery is recommended when the ear canal is very deviated, and infections are happening quite often. The procedure is called TECA – Total Ear Canal Ablation, and it can be a permanent solution for ear problems in bulldogs.

Additionally, your vet might recommend cleaning your Bulldog’s ears regularly using a gentle solution. Cleaning can help remove debris and keep the ears dry. And don’t forget about prevention! Regular grooming and keeping those adorable floppy ears dry can go a long way in avoiding future infections.

What is a home remedy for English bulldog ear infections?

English bulldog shop English bulldog ear infection - signs, treatments and prevention

When your English Bulldog is showing signs of an ear infection, there are a few home treatments you can try. Home remedies can be helpful if you use them correctly, but they can also be the cause of even bigger problems. So, if you do want to try home remedies for bulldog ear infections, be extra careful!

Before you try any kind of medication on your bulldog, you need to clean their ears thoroughly, and you need to do it regularly! Gently wiping the inside of the ear with a cotton ball soaked in the solution can help remove any excess debris or wax that may be causing irritation. 

For home remedies, you can apply a mixture of equal parts apple cider vinegar and water to your bulldog’s ears using a clean cloth. The vinegar helps create an acidic environment that can stop bacterial growth, and it can soothe the infection. 

Risks of home remedies for English bulldog ear Infection

English bulldog shop English bulldog ear infection - signs, treatments and prevention

When we mention the home remedies, we must also mention the risks that can happen when using them! Vinegar can have antibacterial effects and can be really helpful, but it is also an acidic fluid. It can start with some allergies and skin irritations, and bulldogs are really prone to that kind of problem! 

If the ear inflammation is strong, your bulldog probably won’t give you a chance to touch their ear area, so the water-vinegar solution can end up in their eye, and that never has a good outcome. Also, the infection may worsen when home remedies are in question, so you should always be careful when using them!

We strongly recommend avoiding using any medication without your veterinarian’s supervision or advice!

How to prevent ear infections in English bulldogs?

To prevent ear infections in your English Bulldog, it’s important to follow some of these tricks and advice that can really help to manage these pesky problems! Here are some great tips to help maintain your puppies’ healthy ears:

  • Cleaning routine – we know we have already mentioned the importance of cleaning their ears, but it doesn’t hurt to point it out again! Grab some doggy ear cleaner and gently wipe away any dirt or ear wax from the outer ear. But always keep in mind that you should be very careful when cleaning their ear, and don’t go too deep into the ear canal because you can hurt them, and we don’t want that!
  • Aside from regular cleaning, you can also help prevent ear infections by keeping certain triggers at bay. Bulldogs love water, but they are not very good swimmers! They can easily get excessive moisture in their ears, and that can cause quite a lot of trouble. 
  • One more thing to pay attention to is allergies and food sensitivities! This can also contribute to ear infections, and it is a good plan to stay on top of it and try to manage it for better ear health of your puppies! Consult with your vet to determine if any dietary changes or environmental adjustments are necessary to keep those ears in tip-top shape.

When to seek professional help for treating English bulldog ear infections?

English bulldog shop English bulldog ear infection - signs, treatments and prevention

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, those stubborn ear infections might still rear their ugly heads. If you notice persistent symptoms like redness, swelling, foul odor, discharge, or your Bulldog constantly pawing at its ears, it’s time to bring in the professionals. Your vet can diagnose the specific type of infection and prescribe appropriate medications to help get your Bulldog’s ears back to their floppy, infection-free glory.


While an ear infection may not seem like a big deal, leaving it untreated can lead to some not-so-fun complications. Besides the discomfort and pain experienced by your furry friend, chronic ear infections can cause long-term damage to the ear canal and even affect your Bulldog’s hearing. So don’t wait too long to address those suspicious ear-scratching sessions – a trip to the vet now could save your Bulldog’s ears from further trouble!

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