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English bulldog jacket – top 10 picks

English bulldog shop English bulldog jacket - top 10 picks

Autumn is here, and there are just a few more steps until winter, so this is the right time to think about an English bulldog jacket! Here is a little guide to the top 10 bulldog jacket picks!

How to choose the best English bulldog jacket?

When it comes to selecting the ideal English Bulldog jacket, you should consider a few important factors for the best choice. 

  • Firstly, the best idea is to opt for a jacket with a sturdy and durable material that can endure all the interesting activities of your Bulldogs. 
  • The jacket should provide nice coverage and protection against harsh weather elements like wind, rain, and snow. Look for a design that offers full chest and belly coverage, preferably with adjustable straps to ensure a snug fit while allowing freedom of movement. Since bulldogs have shorter legs their belly can often get dirty and wet, so good coverage of this area is a must! 
  • One more thing you should know is to always consider the climate influence of your living area! If you live in a warmer climate, you should choose lighter, thinner jackets to prevent overheating of your bullie! If you are in colder, snowy areas, select a jacket with appropriate insulation so that your doggo can enjoy the outdoor activities with no problem!
  • When you are choosing the jacket for an English bulldog, think about some great add-ons like reflective strips or patches for better visibility during nighttime walks. There are great options for jackets with leash rings that can make everything a bit easier!
  •  Lastly, remember to measure your Bulldog’s size accurately before purchasing!

What is the best English bulldog jacket?

British bulldogs are truly great bundles of joy and pure fun with their unique personalities and goofy habits! We know that you adore spending time with them and that there is nothing that seems hard to do for them, but buying them clothes and jackets is not an easy task! That is why we present you some of the best bulldog jacket picks, and you should know that they are all specially tailored for their wide bodies!

Shark Monster dog jacket

english bulldog shop shark monster dog jacket

Your Bulldog will catch all of the attention with this great jacket! Shart Monster Dog Jacket is the best choice for dry, chilly weather to keep your bully warm and cozy! It is made of high-quality wool material, and it has an attractive camouflage design with some sharky details on the hoodie! 

One more great thing about this comfy jacket for bulldogs is that it has 8 different sizes, and it will be a perfect fit for your stubby friend! 

If you like to dress up your English bulldog, make a statement, and provide them with comfort and coziness during colder days, then this is a jacket for you! 

Parka dog coat 

english bulldog shop parka dog coat

When cold weather is here, you know your dog needs some extra layers to keep them warm! Parka dog coat is one of the best options for autumn and winter, and it is made from water-resistant material. This jacket is great for harsh weather since it is warm, and it will keep your pup dry and cozy. Parka dog coats are also specially tailored for English bulldogs, so they will have a great fit and comfort! This bulldog jacket comes in 5 different sizes, so you can choose the best one for your grumpy pal! One more super feature is that you can wash this jacket in the washing machine, so your bully can enjoy all mud and dirt adventures!

The Dogs Fans Vest

english bulldog shop the dog fans vest

Wrap your Bulldog in a cozy winter and fall vest that will keep them warm and comfortable! The Dogs Fans Vest is crafted from 100% cotton, and it is tailored for bulldogs and their unique body build! This jacket is a perfect combination of functionality and style, so your pup can be very active and still be the center of attention wherever you go! 

Wool Plaid Jacket with Detachable Hood

english bulldog shop wool plaid jacket with detachable hood

Wake up the checkered, wood ranger spirit in your English Bulldog with this great jacket and great design! It comes with a hoody that you can take off if you don’t need it! The Wool plaid jacket comes in 2 colors, red and blue, and it will be a perfect fit for your bully since it is tailored for their stack-up body! This jacket is warm, cozy, and comfortable, and your dog and you will love it!

Rainbow Print Dog Jacket

english bulldog shop rainbow print dog jacket

We know that your English bulldog will definitely make a fashion statement with this colorful and comfy jacket! This is one of the most popular English bulldog jackets, not only because of its design but also because of its functionality! Rainbow Print Dog Jacket is warm, so it is a great choice for colder days, and waterproof, so your doggo will stay dry even in the rain! This dog jacket comes in 9 different sizes, so you can’t go wrong; they are tailored for bulldog muscular bodies, so it will be a snug fit!

Pupreme Vest

english bulldog shop pupreme vest

Every Bulldog will be a real cold weather sensation with this warm and comfy vest! Pupreme Vest has a button-up closure patent, so it is easy to put on or take off. It is filled with soft cotton, so your pup will be comfortable and warm! This dog jacket is a bit tightier, so always buy one size bigger or 2 to 4 cm wider! It comes in 3 popular colors – black, red, and pink so you can dress your bully how they like it!

Teddy Bear Raincoat

You should let your pup rock this adorable rain jacket for English bulldogs ASAP! The Teddy Bear Raincoat has a wonderful design, and even more importantly, it is waterproof and comfortable! Your doggy will be dry and warm even if they jump on every puddle in sight! This raincoat has a few more great features:

  • Hoody to protect those lovable wrinkles,
  • Easy close patent, a
  • Snug fit for bulldogs,
  • It is machine washable!

Chewy V Faux Fur Dog Jacket

english bulldog shop chewy v faux fur dog jacket

If you want your British bulldog to be on the top of the fashion charts and to keep it warm during the cold weather – then this is a jacket for you! Chewy V faux fur Dog Jacket is a soft, warm, cozy, and great-looking coat that will give your pup all the snuggle and comfort they need! It has 5 sizes, and it is designed for small to medium-sized dogs! That means that your furry friend will have a perfect fit trendy jacket!

English Bulldog Reversible Winter Jacket

english bulldog shop reversible winter jacket

With this jacket, you get 2 different looks in one, and we promise your bulldog you are going to love it! English Bulldog Reversible Winter Jacket will keep your bully warm and stylish! In just one easy step, you can change the side of the jacket and complete your doggos look! It is made from top-notch material that is durable and comfortable, and this is the perfect jacket for winter playtime! One more great thing about this jacket is that it has an easy close patent with buttons! Putting this jacket on or taking it off will be a piece of cake!

The Dog Face Windbreaker

english bulldog shop the dog face windbreaker

If you want great functionality and style – look no more, this is the perfect choice for your bulldog! The Dog Face Windbreaker is a multifunctional jacket that is wind and rain-resistant, it has a hood and sleeves to protect your pup and a velcro closing system for easier management! Great add-ons are leash holes, making the walks in colder weather easy and fun! This jacket has reflective stripes that will provide safety for your pup in low-visibility conditions! And we know that safety should always come first!

Should English Bulldogs wear jackets and coats?

English Bulldogs are known for their short and colorful coats and stocky build and are often considered a breed that requires extra attention during cold weather. This dog breed has a short muzzle which makes them prone to respiratory issues in extreme weather conditions, and if we add their shorter coat to the list, it is obvious that they do need some comfort solution!


The best way to prevent bulldogs from getting frostbites or colds and chilly weather problems is to provide them with a good English bulldog winter jacket or a vest! It is crucial to select comfortable and functional jackets made from durable materials! With a good jacket, you and your bulldog can enjoy colder weather and outside play time with no worries!

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