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Is My English Bulldog Overweight? Check These Signs

obesity in bulldogs

We all know how lovable these pups are, which makes it tough not to spoil them with treats. But as you know, keeping extra weight off is important for English bulldog’s health. In this blog post, let’s go over some common causes of chubby bulldogs and some tips to help them slim down and stay active.  Is your English bulldog overweight is one of the most important questions to reveal the answer. Our dogs are worth it to give them many happy, healthy years ahead!

english bulldog overweight

So what’s behind bulldog belly? Is My English Bulldog Overweight? 

If you think that your English bulldog is obese, there are several good reasons for it. Not only a diet but also many other factors can influence your bulldog’s weight. 


Bulldogs tend to pack it on easier due to selective breeding. They have slower metabolisms than other breeds. 

Food issues:

We go overboard on people food scraps and table treats. Their regular food may be too fattening too if we don’t watch portions. 

Lack of exercise

With those short noses, bulldogs can’t run marathons. But some playtime each day goes a long way for their health. As they age, joint problems can make being active tough too.

Health problems  

Conditions like underactive thyroids or arthritis cause weight gain and limit exercise. The more pounds, the harder it is on their joints.

Knowing the causes is step one. The vet can also help customize a diet and exercise plan that works for your pup’s needs. Small changes like shorter walks instead of couch time go a long way. How’s your bulldog looking? 

To tell if your bulldog could stand to lose a few, check their energy levels and body. Are they panting after short plays or having trouble getting up? Run your hands along their sides – you should feel their ribs without pressing hard. If you can’t find their waistline, it’s a sign they could benefit from slimming down. Their health is worth keeping weight in a good spot. 

english bulldog overweight

Use a body condition score chart. These helpful charts have diagrams showing dogs at different weights to help you visually assess your bulldog’s size and body condition on a scale of 1-9. Aim to keep your dog at a 4-5.

Weigh them regularly. Track your bulldog’s weight over time to catch small gains that can creep up. Sudden weight gain or loss can also indicate other health issues.

Ask your vet. At yearly checkups, have your vet evaluate your dog’s weight and body condition. They can help determine a target weight range for your bulldog’s age, breed and frame size.

With some extra TLC and monitoring, you can help your bulldog slim down and improve their quality of life. Their joints, heart and lungs will thank you!

Health Risks of Obesity in English Bulldogs

As bulldogs, we already face some health challenges due to our unique physical characteristics. However, carrying excess weight puts us at even greater risk for certain problems. Knowing these risks can motivate you to help your English bulldog slim down.

Joint Issues in English Bulldog

Our joints are not designed to support a lot of extra body weight. The excess pounds put pressure on the joints and can accelerate arthritis. You may notice limping, difficulty standing up or going up stairs. Managing your bulldog’s weight can keep their joints healthier.

Breathing Problems in English bulldogs

Bulldogs are prone to breathing issues already. Obesity compounds this as the fat limits lung expansion and oxygen flow. Your bulldog may pant, wheeze or have labored breathing. Losing weight can help their airways open up.

Increased Disease Risk

Overweight English bulldogs have a higher chance of developing certain diseases like diabetes, heart disease, urinary incontinence, hypothyroidism, and more. The excess fat causes metabolic changes that contribute to these chronic diseases over time.

As a bulldog owner, you play a big role in managing your dog’s weight. Their quality of life depends on it! Consult your vet for a customized weight loss plan. With the right diet and increased activity, your bulldog can get back to a healthy size.

Nutritional Management for Overweight English Bulldogs

As bulldog owners, we want our pups to live long, healthy lives. Unfortunately, English bulldogs are prone to obesity and excess weight can lead to serious health issues. We need to be diligent about managing their nutrition properly.

Proper Diet Plans for your Bulldog

Hey friends, let’s chat about keeping our bulldog buddies at a healthy weight. Proper diet and exercise are so important for their well-being. 

First thing’s first – schedule a check-up with your vet. They can create a tailored plan based on factors like age, energy levels and any medical needs. Typically they’ll recommend feeding 25% less than normal. 

Opt for “light” dog foods made just for pups watching their waistline. These have fewer calories but still provide balanced nutrition. Be sure to follow the feeding guidelines on packaging using your dog’s target weight, not current size. 

Some tasty diet options could include canned food with more moisture or dry kibble mixed with green beans or pumpkin (our pups love it!). 

When it’s mealtime, use measuring cups or automatic feeders for precise portions. Overfeeding even healthy grub will lead to extra pounds. Try feeding 2-3 mini meals a day instead of leaving food out all the time. And avoid table scraps, treats or chews which pack on unnecessary calories.

Managing nutrition takes effort but it’s one of the best things we can do for our bulldog buddies. Reach out to your vet if you have any other questions!

english bulldog overweight

Exercise is important for your bulldog.

English bulldogs are prone to packing on pounds without proper exercise. But their body type and breathing issues make some activities difficult. As owners, we’ve gotta get creative with routines to keep them active, fit and healthy. 

Choose Swimming For Your English Bulldog

Low-impact exercises like walking or swimming are great choices. Start slow with short 5-10 minute sessions. You can also try nosework games where they search for hidden treats – it engages that powerful sense of smell! Increase duration and intensity over weeks as fitness improves. Check with your vet for guidance too.  

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Cut exercise into smaller sessions

Aim for at least 30-60 minutes of exercise daily if possible, splitting into multiple mini sessions if needed. Try exercising in the morning to jumpstart their metabolism. Mix it up to prevent boredom, like taking new walking routes. And reward and praise during and after workouts – make it fun!

As always when managing health issues, work closely with your vet. They can create customized diet and exercise plans. Seek guidance from certified professionals too. Stay patient and consistent. When your English bulldog is overweight, it can severy affect his/her health. Monitor progress through weigh-ins and body scoring. With time and effort, you can get your bulldog back in great shape!

Is My English Bulldog Overweight? Wrapping Up

Obesity in bulldogs requires serious attention. But by recognizing signs, adjusting diet and activity with professional guidance, you can help your pup maintain a healthy weight and live their best life. Small, consistent changes can make a big difference. Stay positive – a fit and happy bulldog is the best bulldog there is!

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