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Top 5 Rare English Bulldog Colors! What Is The Rarest Bulldog Color?

rare english bulldogs

We all agree that English bulldogs are one of the most recognizable dog breeds in the world. Besides they come in standard colors, rare English bulldog colors take the hearts of people all over the world by storm. However, why are rare bulldogs so expensive and what is the rarest English bulldog color? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, then read on and discover the truth.

rare english bulldogs

What do you need to know about English bulldog colors?

English bulldogs come in standard coat colors that are recognized by the AKC and rare coat colors that are often higher in price. 

What are the standard English bulldog colors?

The colors that one usually associates with an English Bulldog, are standard and generally known colors. These include:

White: A clear, cool shade which is frequently the grounds for spot or patch colours.

Fawn: Fawn Bulldogs showcase a look of warmth and welcome, wearing a shade of bright sandy to a deeper reddish.

Brindle: A beautiful design of dark stripes over the lighter base, brindle introduces the Bulldogs coat with a level of detail and opulence.

Red: This lively color can come in a variety of shades, from a dark rust to a light copper, which gives Bulldogs a magnificent and attractive appearance.

These standard colors are not only common but also highly regarded, especially in dog shows and breed standards. They symbolize the breed’s long and complex history and defining characteristics that have made English Bulldogs an adored breed all over the world. In show rings, color and pattern plays a significant role in judging, as they signify the breed’s traditional characteristics and lineage.

Things to know about rare English bulldog colors

Rare English bulldog colors include a complex genetic framework. They do not only look unreal but also catch everyone’s eye.  All colors and patterns we observe in bulldog coats are determined by a number of genes that regulate pigment type, distribution, and dilution. To comprehend the process of how rare bulldogs get their unique colors, it’s important to understand the fundamentals of canine genetics.

rare merle bulldogs

Blue English Bulldogs: 

The blue color in Bulldogs is due to a dilution gene, known as the “d” gene. For a Bulldog to display a blue coat, it must inherit two copies of this recessive gene (dd), one from each parent. This gene acts on the black pigment, diluting it to a softer, blue-gray hue. The rarity of blue Bulldogs is primarily because the dilution gene is less common in the Bulldog gene pool.

How rare is blue English Bulldog?

Breeders can produce blue bulldogs by mating a d-gene carrier dog with another dd-gene carrier. Blue English bulldogs usually have blue, light blue or silver eyes and their coat color looks unreal. At first glance, the blue bulldog’s coat might look silver, but it actually has a blue hue.

Black English Bulldogs: 

Pure black Bulldogs are rare because the intense black color requires a specific combination of genes that suppress the fawn and brindle patterns, known as the “K” locus. A Bulldog with the homozygous dominant form (KK or Kk) at this locus can exhibit a solid black coat if the other color genes align appropriately. However, this genetic combination is relatively rare in the breed, making solid black one of the rare bulldog colors.

How rare is black English bulldog?

The general characteristic of these bulldogs is a jet-black coat which is different from the more widespread coloration. This special pattern extends over their whole body from the nose to the end of their tail making them into one smooth color. 

Hence, their eyes, usually dark to blend with their fur color, seem to contrast even more against their black fur, giving them a penetrating and observing look. The contrast between their dark coat and the pink of their tongue and the whites of their eyes can be very striking, especially when they grin in their characteristic Bulldog grin.

Merle English Bulldogs: 

The merle pattern is one of the most visually striking and controversial due to its associated health risks. The merle gene (M) creates mottled patches of color in the coat and can affect eye color and skin pigmentation. A Bulldog needs only one copy of the merle gene (Mm) to show this pattern, making it dominant but not as commonly seen due to ethical breeding practices aimed at minimizing health issues.

rare english bulldogs

How rare is the Merle English bulldog?

According to experts, merle bulldogs are one of the rarest English bulldog colors.  Merle English Bulldogs are very attractive and visually impressive. They appear in many colors like the dogs seen in Australian breeds. The coats are a captivating mix of three colors, which are uneven in strength along their body. 

These Bulldogs come in an amazing color palette of blue tri, black tri, and chocolate tri and are distinguished by their very special color patterns. The contrasting Merle pattern accentuates a mostly white base that is seasoned with an array of gray dots and marks which serve to make them even more attractive. These Bulldogs have striking, sharp blue eyes that make them visually impressive and all the more endearing.

Lilac English Bulldogs: 

Believe it or not, lilac bulldogs are one of the most popular among the rarest English bulldog colors. It results from a combination of the chocolate gene (b) and the blue dilution gene (d). A Bulldog must inherit two copies of the recessive b gene (bb) for chocolate and two copies of the d gene (dd) for dilution, making the lilac color a quadruple recessive trait (bbdd). This rare genetic makeup produces the unique lavender-gray hue that makes lilac Bulldogs highly sought after and rare.

How rare is the Lilac English bulldog?

When we talk about some of the rarest English bulldog colors, this one definitely take the spotlight! It’s because the lavender hue is simply gorgeous and it somehow shines in pink color in sun. The noses of these pooches are pink, so you have to pay a special attention to their sun protection. Their paws are also more sensitive than in standard bulldog colors. Therefore, in case you want to own one of these cuties, be ready to give them plenty of care.

lilac english bulldog

Chocolate English Bulldogs: 

To exhibit a chocolate coat, Bulldogs must carry two copies of the recessive chocolate gene (bb). This gene affects the black pigment, turning it into a rich, chocolate brown. However, since the gene is recessive, both parents must carry and pass it on for their offspring to display this rare English Bulldog color, contributing to its rarity.

How rare is the Chocolate English bulldog?

Since we can’t often see chocolate bulldogs, we can say that they’re also one of the rarest English bulldog colors. Their eyes are usually green or blue and can also be born with heterochromia. It’s a condition where a dog has eyes in different colors.

rare english bulldogs

How to take care of rare English bulldog colors?

Pay special attention to their skin

Since rare English bulldogs are on a higher tendency to suffer from allergies and skin problems, you need to carefully choose their cosmetics. Make sure you bathe them with a hypoallergenic dog shampoo and provide their skin with the appropriate summer protection. In case you own a blue, lilac or some other rare bulldog, we recommend you to have a look at the English Bulldog Shampoo and Conditioner. The conditioner will make their coat feel softer to the touch and the lavender scent will work as a tick, flea and chewing lice repellant.

english bulldog shampoo and conditioner

Their noses are extremely sensitive

We bet most of you don’t know that rare bulldogs have extremely sensitive noses. So, what does it mean? It means that their noses are often pink and react sensitively when being exposed to sunlight. That’s why rare English bulldogs should be taken to summer walks under plenty of natural shade.

In case you want to spend time on the beach, then make sure you protect your bulldog with a cooling vest and apply special dog sunscreen.

Mesh English Bulldog Cooling Vest is one of our favorite picks for keeping their stocky bodies cool in the summer. 

english bulldog shop mesh english bulldog cooling vest

They are prone to overheating

Not only rare but all types of English bulldogs are prone to heatstroke. Therefore, make sure your dog sleeps on a cooling bed in the most pleasant spot in your house. 

English Bulldog Cooling Corner Crib features a heat-resistant fabric and will give your gremlin a pleasant cooling touch in hot weather.

english bulldog cooling corner crib

Rare English bulldogs are prone to ear infections

Well, this is not a general rule for all rare-colored bullies. Some of them can have a genetic predisposition, while others can have a lack of cleaning routine. Anyway, prevention is haf of health so you’d better clean your English bulldog’s ears regularly. 

In addition to English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs are another breed particularly susceptible to ear infections.

Ear infections in French bulldogs and English bulldogs can be especially difficult to heal if not treated early. 

Ear Cleansing Solution for English Bulldogs features only natural ingredients such as aloe vera and beeswax. You can clean your dog’s ears with it twice a week to remove dirt and release itchiness.

What is the rarest English bulldog color? Wrapping up

When it comes to choosing a rare bulldog for your home, our honest advice is to carefully choose a breeder. Do not buy a dog just because it looks unusual and gorgeous. A rare bulldog should be your pet for many years and you certainly don’t want end up paying high medical bills.

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