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What Is A Black English Bulldog? 7 Things To Know

black bulldog

If you’re thinking to become an owner of an English bulldog, what coat color would you choose? We are sure that you won’t stay indifferent to a black English bulldog whose powerful and magnificent appearance catches everyone’s eye. To help every potential pet parent who wants to know whether a black bulldog is the right pick for their family, we decided to provide you with the important facts.

What is a Black English Bulldog?

English bulldogs are known for their lovable, loyal nature, and the black English bulldog is no exception. These bulldogs carry the same charming characteristics of the breed, yet they stand out with their rare and striking black coat color. Black bulldogs are not always easy to find, which adds a layer of uniqueness to owning one.

Despite their name, the English bulldog in black coat color isn’t always pure black.  This one has mottled patterns and markings that, more often than not, bear patches of other colors. The gene responsible for its black coat is the same one that blesses them with their distinctive appearance.

Temperament and Personality

The black-colored English Bulldog, just like the other variants of color, has an innate friendly and docile nature. They have great courage and guarding abilities, but they are too affectionate and reliable with family members. 

Their being calm makes them perfect for families with children, since they are very patient and protective toward their young family members. Although they have grumpy faces, bulldogs are in fact very gentle and patient toward kids. That’s why people often choose them to be the part of big families.

Health Considerations


It is important to stress that the black coat does not cause certain health implications, although some do exist in the entire breed of bulldogs. Potential owners should also be aware of health issues like respiratory problems, hip dysplasia, and skin infections. These risks can be mitigated by regular visits to the veterinarian and maintaining a proper healthy lifestyle.

black english bulldog

Coat Color Variations of a Black English Bulldog

English bulldogs in black coats can come in a few different shades and patterns. Here’s a closer look at what potential owners might encounter:

  • Solid Black: Though extremely rare, some bulldogs are indeed solid black with no other color markings. This rarity can make them highly sought after.
  • Black and White: More commonly, black bulldogs will have white markings, often on the face, chest, and paws. This pattern adds a striking contrast to their appearance.
  • Black and Tan: Similar to other breeds with the black and tan pattern, some black English bulldogs will have tan markings over their eyes, on their cheeks, paws, and beneath their tail.
  • Black Brindle: Brindle patterns mix black with other colors like brown and tan in a tiger-stripe effect. Black brindle bulldogs are particularly stunning with their complex, swirling patterns.

These variations not only contribute to the aesthetic appeal of black English bulldogs but also affect their breeding and market value.

What Is The Most Expensive Type of a Black English Bulldog?

Mini black brindle and solid black English bulldogs are often higher in price. Their price can range between $3,000 to even $12,000. The price depends on the puppy’s genes, breeder’s reputation and also location. In other words, if you’re buying a black bulldog puppy abroad, the breeder will need to add the cost of the transport to the final price.

black english bulldog

Are Black English Bulldogs Rare?

Yes, black English Bulldogs are considered quite rare. The English Bulldog breed typically showcases a variety of colors, but the solid black coat is less common due to genetics. The black coat in English Bulldogs is not recognized as a standard color by many kennel clubs, including the American Kennel Club (AKC), which further underscores its rarity.

This rarity stems from the genetic makeup required to produce a completely black coat. The black coloration in dogs is due to a specific gene known as the K locus. Bulldogs that exhibit a true solid black color likely carry the recessive black gene (K^b), which is not common in the breed. Most of the time, Bulldogs with black coats actually have very dark brindle coats, where stripes of black overlap a lighter base color, making the dog appear black from a distance.

Therefore, finding a true solid black English Bulldog can be more challenging, and such dogs are highly prized among enthusiasts who appreciate this unique coat color.

Are Black Bulldogs Healthy?

Black Bulldogs, like all English Bulldogs, can face a variety of health issues, but their color itself—being black—does not inherently affect their health. The health concerns associated with Bulldogs are more due to their breed-specific traits rather than their coat color.

Common Health Issues in Bulldogs

English Bulldogs, regardless of their coat color, are known for certain health challenges primarily linked to their physical conformation:

  1. Brachycephalic Syndrome: Bulldogs have a short snout and compact skull, which can lead to breathing difficulties, snoring, and occasional respiratory distress.
  2. Skin Infections: The deep wrinkles and folds in their skin can trap moisture and debris, leading to bacterial infections if not cleaned regularly.
  3. Cherry Eye: This condition involves the prolapse of the gland of the third eyelid, which can cause irritation and needs to be treated to prevent further issues.
  4. Hip Dysplasia: This condition frequently affects numerous dog breeds, including French Bulldogs. It occurs when the hip joint fails to fit together properly, potentially causing arthritis or discomfort over time. In some cases, hip dysplasia can be treated with a physical therapy and weight management. Depending on the severity of a condition, your vet can recommend you a surgery.

Impact of Coat Color on Health

The color of a Bulldog’s coat, such as black, does not typically confer any specific health advantages or disadvantages. Health risks are generally the same across all Bulldogs, no matter the color. However, it is important to note that because the black coat color can sometimes result from the breeding of closely related animals to achieve rare colors, there is a potential for increased genetic disorders if not managed responsibly by the breeder.

Choosing a Healthy Bulldog

For prospective Bulldog owners, including those interested in a black Bulldog, it’s crucial to select a reputable breeder who conducts health screenings and prioritizes the overall well-being and genetic diversity of their dogs. Regular veterinary care, a suitable diet, and adequate exercise can also help manage and prevent some of the health issues associated with the breed.

Black Bulldogs are just as healthy as Bulldogs of any other color, assuming they come from a responsible breeding background and are given proper care and regular medical attention. The key to a healthy life for a Bulldog, regardless of coat color, lies in proactive and informed pet ownership.

Grooming and Care of a Black English Bulldog

Despite their short coat, black bulldogs require regular grooming to maintain their sleek appearance and overall health. Weekly brushing helps reduce shedding and keeps their coat shiny, while regular baths will keep their skin clean and lessen the chance of skin issues.

Choosing the right shampoo for your black bulldog is especially important due to their tendency to suffer from skin problems. In case your gremlin deals with itchiness, than the 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner for English Bulldogs will be a solution. It contains Coconut oil and leaves a pleasant scent after baths.

2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner for english bulldogs

Since bulldogs have folds that can easily become irritated, smelly and red, we advise you to clean them with our English Bulldog Wrinkle Cleaning Wipes.

wipes for english bulldog tail

Cleaning your English bulldog’s tail pocket is also an important part of their grooming routine. They can become very smelly and your dog can even get an infection if you don’t clean it regularly. You can perform the cleaning with above-mentioned wipes or a wet cloth.

Trimming your black bulldog’s nails is another important routine to keep in mind. The Electric Pet Nail Grinder with LED Light is a practical and easy way to keep your bulldog’s nails healthy trimmed. It features an LED light so you can easier find the dog’s quick on the nail and it’s rechargeable.

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Choosing a Black English Bulldog: Conclusion

Owning a black English bulldog offers a unique twist on the classic English bulldog experience. These dogs not only bring beauty to your home but also a lot of love and loyalty. If you are considering adding a black bulldog to your family, remember to look for reputable breeders. You should be prepared for a lifelong friendship with a truly special companion. A black bulldog can stay by your side for 8 to 10 years if you provide them with the right care and a lot of love.


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