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Why do English Bulldogs sleep so much?

English bulldog shop why do english bulldogs sleep so much?

We bet that if you look at your Bully right now, he will be somewhere sleeping and drooling on their paws! Why do English bulldogs sleep so much, and is that ok? Let’s see:

Bulldogs sleep a lot! It’s like they’re always in dreamland instead of playing fetch or doing other doggy stuff. As a responsible bulldog owner, you might wonder if this is normal and if you should do something different. Well, let’s find out why bulldogs sleep so much and how long they should actually sleep:

Why do bulldogs sleep so much – possible reasons

There are actually many reasons why your bulldog might be sleeping more, and it could be due to a combination of factors. But don’t worry; there are things you can think about to figure out the main causes and things you can do to help.

Bulldog sleep causes – Nature

English bulldog shop why do english bulldogs sleep so much?

One reason your bulldog might be sleeping a lot is that it’s natural for dogs to sleep pretty much. Adult dogs usually sleep for 12-14 hours a day! And if your bulldog is a puppy or getting older, it might sleep even more. One more natural reason for snoozing and sleeping is that English Bulldogs have some health issues that can lead to them getting tired faster! 

Bulldog sleep causes – Hot weather

If your bulldog is sleeping more now that it’s hot outside, it could be because the heat makes it tired. To help, make sure your bulldog has access to shady spots, a cool room, and plenty of water. It’s also a good idea to exercise your bulldog in the morning or evening when the sun isn’t as strong.

Diet impact on bulldogs’ sleep

So, one reason why your bulldog might be sleeping a lot could be because of its diet. Maybe it’s eating too much or gobbling up things it shouldn’t. If you’ve noticed a change in your Bullys sleep patterns after a diet change, then it’s more likely that the diet is the culprit.

To figure out what’s going on, make sure that only you are feeding your bulldog with foods you choose, and that are good for them. It’s also a good idea to talk to your local vet about your bulldog’s diet.

English bulldog age can cause more sleep

English bulldog shop why do english bulldogs sleep so much?

Now, if your  English bulldog is a puppy, it’s normal to sleep even more. Puppies grow super fast, and they need lots of sleep to build up their muscles.

On the other hand, if your bulldog is getting older, it’s also normal for it to snooze more. Older dogs use up more energy when they move around, so they need extra sleep to recharge.

Just make sure to provide your wrinkly marbles with a comfy doggy bed to support their spine and give them the sleep of their life!


One reason why your bulldog might be feeling tired is because it is sick. If you notice them suddenly start feeling tired and also have been throwing up or feeling tired even when they just awake, it’s a good idea to go see a veterinarian!

English bulldogs sleep – Trouble sleeping at night

There are various reasons why English bulldogs can lack a good night’s sleep! Maybe it’s too hot, too bright, or too noisy. If you notice your wrinkly friend is sleeping more during the day only when they have to sleep in a specific room at night, that might be the reason. Try to change their spot, bed, or even the routine, and maybe they will sleep tight through the night!

When should you visit the vet? (how much sleep is too much?)

English bulldog shop why do english bulldogs sleep so much?

Here are some of the signs that your English bulldog is sleeping too much and that the cause can be something more serious:

  • If your Bulldogs start to sleep more during the day, more than 12 to 14 hours,
  • During the naps, the dog is whining, trembling, or shaking
  • You notice that your bulldog is lethargic, eating less, or refusing water
  • Notice other health issues like coughing, excessive snoring, more drooling, or stomach problems
  • If it is allergies season, and your doggo is prone to allergy reactions
  • Your pet has had thick or other parasite bites.

In this cases or if you notice any other suspicious symptoms with your English bulldog, don’t hesitate to visit your vet as soon as possible!

How to help your Bulldog get a quality sleep 

How to make sure your furry friend gets the quality sleep it needs, and how to shorten their daily naps? Don’t worry; it’s actually pretty easy:

English bulldog shop why do english bulldogs sleep so much?

  • First things first, let’s talk about setting a schedule. You see, dogs have a different sleep schedule than us humans. They have something called polyphasic sleep, which means they sleep in short bursts throughout the day. But it’s still important for them to have a regular bedtime at night.
  • Make a comfortable sleeping environment for your bulldog. Did you know that the way your dog falls asleep can actually affect the quality of their sleep? It’s true! So, it’s important to create a cozy space for your dog to sleep in. Tuck them in their comfy doggy bed, give them their favorite toy and a round of belly rubs, and they will snooze off with ease! Oh, and here’s a tip – bulldogs can get pretty hot, so make sure their sleeping area is nice and cool. Not too cold, though! Just a comfortable temperature.


So, there you have it; by setting a schedule and creating a comfy sleeping environment, you can help your bulldog get the sleep it needs. They may be quite sleepy heads, but sometimes too much napping is not good, so try to follow their routine and do what is best to regulate their sleep!

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