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How To Pick The Right English Bulldog Harness? Top 9 Picks

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So you’ve got yourself an English bulldog – congratulations, you’ve picked one of the most lovable (and laziest!) breeds out there. But finding the right harness for their unique build can be tricky business. With their broad chests, sturdy legs, and wrinkly skin, you’ve gotta find something that fits them just right. In this article, I’ll walk you through what to look for when picking a harness for your bulldog’s body type. I’ll suggest 10 great English bulldog harnesses from our shop that I think could work. Proper fit is so important, not just for their comfort but also to make sure they don’t wiggle and escape. Their physical characteristics definitely play a role in finding something that won’t rub them the wrong way. Read on for tips and my top picks for your English bulldog’s harness.

accessories for bulldog

Considerations When Choosing an English Bulldog Harness

Bulldogs have a sturdy, thick body with a large head and short muzzle. Their physical build plays an important role in finding a properly fitting harness. Besides for English bulldogs, choosing the right collar or a harness for French bulldogs can also be difficult. These two breeds have brachycephalic skulls and sturdy chests, so we can’t buy the outdoor gear in the nearest pet store. Consider the following when choosing a harness for your English bulldog:


– Focus on finding a dog harness made specifically for bulldogs or brachycephalic (short-muzzled) breeds. These will have adjustments around the neck, chest and body to suit their frame. Since collars are not a good choice for bulldogs, buying the right harness is overneeded when exploring outdoors. 

– Measure your dog around the widest part of their chest. Refer to size guides and choose a size that will be snug but not constricting. Make sure you leave the space for two fingers when taking measures for your bulldog’s harness.

– Opt for a step-in design with quick-release buckles on the shoulders and belly straps. This allows you to customize the fit. I also suggest you find a harness with reflective features so your gremlin can stay visible to others in the evening.

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– Choose a front clip harness for better control if your bulldog pulls during walks.

– Back clip harnesses encourage natural movement. Pair with a double-ended leash for training.

– Pick padded or soft designs to prevent chafing under the arms or around the neck.

Finding the Perfect Harness for Your Bulldog Friend

Spending warm days outside with your bulldog buddy? Their comfort is so important. Look for a harness made with breathable mesh or lightweight fabric to keep them cool. In this case, search for a harness made of mesh. It allows your bulldog’s skin to breathe and doesn’t make him/her uncomfortable during strolls.

And don’t forget features that help them stay safe – reflective trims allow you to easily spot your pup at night. Handy pockets and durable clips add practical advantages too.

The best way to pick the right size is to try a few options. English bulldogs come in all shapes and sizes, so taking measurements with you ensures a customized fit. With such a variety to choose from, you’re sure to find one that’s just right for your loyal companion!

Our Top Picks For Bulldog Harnesses

When shopping for a harness, it’s crucial to find one designed for your bulldog’s unique build. Their stocky chests and short legs need support, while avoiding chafing. An ill-fitting style could cause rubbing or make walking difficult. To help in your search, we’ve picked out 10 top-rated harnesses for your English bulldog:

  Breathable & Padded English Bulldog Harness

As one of the best English bulldog harnesses you’ll ever find, this pick will become your greatest help during training. This supportive design will make you furry friend always ready to explore the great outdoors. What makes this dog harness special is reflective trim and double D-rings. If your pooch is a stubborn puller and tends to pull a lot, then we recommend you attaching the leash on the front D-Ring.

breathable padded english bulldog harness

Fur Baby Dog Harness & Leash

Great for gently guiding walks, the back clip turns your pup toward you if they pull. The straps are made of nylon webbing and they’re very gentle to the skin.

Since this English bulldog harnes is inspired by one of the most popular human fashion brands, we’re sure you’ll make a fashion statement on every pawdventure.

english bulldog shop fur baby dog harness leash

Nic Nic Bulldog Harness & Leash Set

Made with lightweight, breathable mesh, this easy-on style keeps dogs cool on warm days. A great pick for pups that overheat easily. And, that’s not all! This dog harness comes in adorable summer patterns. You can choose between tropical leaves, unicorns, and ice creams. In case you want to give your furry friend a cooling effect, then we recommend you putting a wet harness on your bulldog’s body. It will protect his/her chest area from the heatstroke!

english bulldog shop nic nic bulldog harness leash set

Harness & Collar Set

Offering control, comfort, and adjustability, this is an excellent all-around choice. The v-shape allows unrestricted shoulder movement. The straps are made from a sturdy yet gentle nylon webbing. Since it comes with a matching leash, it’s certainly a money-saving option. Choose between 7 colors, and get ready for daily strolls in a minute.


No-Pull Mesh English Bulldog Harness

This front-leading harness automatically turns your dog if they try to pull. It has adjustable straps and a reinforced handle.This English bulldog harness is available in 4 colors, and it’s suitable for summer wear too.

no pull mesh english bulldog harnessMilitary English Bulldog Harness & Leash

Ideal for athletic bulldogs that love activities outdoors. It secures comfortably while allowing full range of motion. The camouflage pattern of the harness gives your pet a powerful appearance on every occasion.

english bulldog shop military english bulldog harness leash

Shiny English Bulldog Harness & Jacket

The pp cotton padding of this harness jacket keeps your dog cozy and comfy for winter walks. Reflective material offers visibility at night, while the integrated D-rings on the back will handle even stubborn pullers.

shiny english bulldog harness jacket

Winter Waterproof Harness Jacket

Want to keep your bulldog both warm and safe on walks? Well, this dog harness will definitely one of your dog’s favorite picks for cold days. Available in fearless and trendy camouflage pattern, your gremlin will make a fashion statement in every dog park.

Pupreme Harness & Leash

Are you a fan of trendy English bulldog accessories that will make your pooch stylish and spotted, then this harness should be your pick! It’s inspired by a popular human fashion brand and will make everyone turn their heads while you two are walking down the street. 

With so many options to choose from, focus on finding the properly fitted harness that suits your bulldog’s needs and your activities together. A harness should allow free natural movement while keeping your dog safe and secure.

english bulldog shop pupreme harness leash

FAQs on English Bulldog Harnesses: Answering Common Questions

When choosing a harness for your English bulldog, you likely have questions about finding the best fit for their unique body shape. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What size harness does my bulldog need?

English bulldogs have compact, stocky builds. Take exact measurements of their chest, neck, and body length to determine the right size, not just their overall weight. Refer to the sizing charts you can find in the product descriptions.

Should the harness straps be adjusted loose or snug?

Fit the harness snugly but not too tight. You should be able to fit two fingers between the strap and your dog’s body. This ensures good control without chafing or restricting movement.

Which harness style works best for bulldogs?

H-style harnesses evenly distribute pressure across the chest and shoulders. Avoid pulling pressure on the delicate neck area. Step-in vests with padded chest plates also work well.

Will a harness irritate my bulldog’s skin folds?

Bulldogs have lots of folds and wrinkles. Look for soft, padded straps that won’t rub. The breathable mesh material can help prevent moisture buildup.

How do I put on and take off the harness easily?

Look for quick-release buckles, adjustable straps, and padding around the neck and chest area. This allows you to slip it on and off without irritation.

Following harness size guides and considering your bulldog’s physical traits will lead you to the most comfortable, secure-fitting option. The english-bulldog.shop has a wide variety to choose from.

Picking the best English bulldog harness: Wrapping Up

So there you have it! With an English bulldog’s stocky build and tenacity for adventure, finding a properly fitted harness is key to keep them comfortable and secure. Consider their broad chests, muscular shoulders, and loose neck skin as you browse options. And don’t forget to factor in their enthusiasm to play and go for walks. With this criteria in mind, you can’t go wrong with any of the thoughtfully designed picks from english-bulldog.shop. They offer an array of styles to suit your pooch while making walks more enjoyable for both of you. Now go let your bulldog proudly strut their stuff!

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