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English bulldog cherry eye – symptoms, treatment and advice

Englsih bulldog shop English bulldog cherry eye - symptoms, treatment and advice

English bulldog cherry eye is a common problem that might seem scary, but it doesn’t have to be complicated if you know how to manage it! Here are some tips and advice to deal with this problem:

Cherry eye is quite often seen in many dog breeds, and it can be pretty often seen in English bulldogs. It is an eye condition that can cause discomfort and potential health complications. That is why we have made this little guide through the cherry eye issue, including its symptoms, treatment options, and important advice for owners. Let’s deal with this problem and try to nip it in the bud and make sure our British bulldogs can have a happy and healthy life!

Why do English bulldogs get cherry eye, and what is it?

Englsih bulldog shop English bulldog cherry eye - symptoms, treatment and advice

We all know how cute are our English bulldogs with their squishy faces and wrinkled skin! Well, unfortunately, because of their peculiar facial structure, they are prone to a pesky little problem called cherry eye! This condition occurs when the gland in the dog’s third eyelid becomes inflamed and prolapses from the corner of the eye. This prolapse of the eye gland often resembles a cherry, hence the name. 

The exact cause of cherry eye in English bulldogs is not fully understood, but it is believed to be a result of genetic factors and anatomical uniqueness in their eyelids. You see, these adorable pooches have shallow eye sockets and loose connective tissues around their eyes. This combination can lead to weak support for the gland and make it easier to pop out. This condition is common for a few other dog breeds like French bulldogs, Cocker spaniels, or Chihuahuas that are known for their health conditions!

Cherry eye is not a serious health problem for bulldogs, but it can be pretty uncomfortable. So, if you notice something strange with your bulldog’s eyes, it may be time to check it up with your vet! But are there some early signs of cherry eye in bulldogs? Let’s see:

Symptoms and signs of cherry eye in English Bulldogs

Englsih bulldog shop English bulldog cherry eye - symptoms, treatment and advice

It is not very hard to see when something is wrong with the sight of your bulldog since the irritation can be quite strong, and they will show it! Eye problems are common for this dog breed, and if you have a Merle English bulldog, the predisposition for bad sight and eye issues is even bigger! Still, the good news is that early signs are not painful or very strong, and your pup probably won’t notice the changes in the eyes. Cherry eye has its own symptoms that you should recognize, and here they are:

  • Bulging or Protruding eye gland

One of the most obvious signs of cherry eye is a gland that has slipped out of place. It usually appears as a fleshy, red, or pink mass in the inner corner of your Bulldog’s eye. It might seem like their eye is winking at you, but sadly, it’s not trying to be cute. The prolapsed gland can be quite big and easy to spot, but the early sign of cherry eye is just a slightly bigger red area in the corner of the eye. 

  • Redness and Irritation in the Eye

Cherry eye can cause your Bulldog’s eye to become red, swollen, and irritated. In some cases, you may notice discharge or more rudders in the dog’s eyes. You will also notice that your Bulldog is scratching or rubbing their eye more frequently due to the irritation, itch, and tingling. If you see your furry friend continuously pawing at their eye, it’s a definite red flag, and you should take them to the vet!

  •  Excessive Tearing and Discharge

When we say tearing or discharge from the eye, we mean that you will notice the stains on their beds, your furniture, clothes, everywhere! Excessive tearing and watery discharge are common symptoms of cherry eye and can be quite severe. Their eyes may constantly appear wet or filmy, and it can look pretty gross, but if you spot it in time, it can be easily treated! It is important to treat eye changes in bulldogs’ eyes as soon as possible since they can get more serious or cause eye infections and eye dryness in later life.

How do you treat cherry eye in English bulldogs?

When we are talking about English bulldog cherry eye treatment, we must say that there are several options. You should know that treatment depends on the severity of the eye problem, and here are the options you should think about:

Non-surgical cherry eye treatments

Englsih bulldog shop English bulldog cherry eye - symptoms, treatment and advice

In some cases, when the problem is at the beginning and early caught, surgery may not be needed! Non-invasive methods like medication or manual gland positioning can be the right choice for cherry eye treatment. Medications such as eye drops or ointments can help reduce inflammation and control the symptoms, but you should not use them without Vet supervision and advice! 

One more option for non-surgical methods is massage and positioning the eye gland back into its place. This approach should only be done by the veterinarian and in special conditions since bulldogs may not enjoy touching their eye area! 

One more important thing that you should know about this type of approach to the English Bulldog cherry eye treatments is that they may not be permanent. That means that there will always be a good chance for this problem to happen again!

Surgical cherry eye treatment

When the non-surgical methods are not enough, veterinarians can often recommend surgeries! Surgical treatments of cherry eye in bulldogs can mean positioning the poped gland back in its place or even removing it completely! 

Veterinarians often recommend a procedure called “tuck and stitch,” where they tuck the prolapsed gland back into place and secure it with sutures. This approach can be long-term since the stitches will prevent the gland from prolapsing again. Still, this surgery can have some contraindications like infections.

One more surgical option is removing the problematic aye gland and cherry eye completely! This is an operation that is done with total anesthesia, and it can have its risks. The risks are eye dryness in the future or eye infections. 

The postoperative care after this type of cherry eye treatment is not long and doesn’t have to be difficult! The veterinarian will prescribe you some eye drops and some medication if needed. The Elizabethan collar is also a must! A high collar will prevent your pup from scratching and touching the eye so that the healing process will be faster. With some special care, a lot of love, and affection, the recovery will be fast, and you will soon play with your English bulldog like nothing has happened!

English bulldog cherry eye – home treatment

Englsih bulldog shop English bulldog cherry eye - symptoms, treatment and advice

If you notice that your bulldog has this not-so-great-looking eye situation going on, there are some home treatments you can try as home remedies for cherry eye problems. Still, keep in mind that it is always the best solution to take your bulldog to the vet!

First things first, before doing any treatment at home, make sure to gently clean the affected area with a warm saline solution to keep it clean and infection-free! Then, you can apply some antibiotic ointment prescribed by your vet to reduce any inflammation and promote healing. 

If you search online for cherry eye home remedies, you may find step-by-step guides to massages and manual positioning of the eye gland back in place. We strongly advise you not to do this type of treatment by yourself! Unfortunately, you can make the problem worse or even hurt your pup unintentionally! You should know that cherry eye can not go away on its own, and the help and treatment are necessary!


While it may be tempting to try home remedies or DIY treatments found online, it is crucial to consult with a veterinarian for proper diagnosis and treatment. Home remedies can often worsen the condition or delay appropriate care, leading to further complications.

Cherry eye in English bulldogs – prevention

Let’s talk about the prevention of the English bulldog cherry eye! We all know that prevention is better than medication, so here is some advice on how to nip this problem in the bud and stop it from becoming a real issue!

Englsih bulldog shop English bulldog cherry eye - symptoms, treatment and advice

  • Eye Hygiene and proper care

Taking care of English Bulldog’s eyes is the first and one of the most important steps in preventing and managing cherry eye. Regularly wiping your bulldog’s eyes with a damp cloth can help remove any dirt or debris. Impurities in the eyes may irritate, cause infections and redness, and potentially lead to cherry eye. When you get into the eye cleaning routine, you should make sure to use gentle products without harsh chemicals. Also, pay a bit more attention to cleaning the bulldog’s wrinkles and folds since that is a perfect place for hiding dirt and bacteria!

  • English bulldogs diet and nutrition for eye health

A balanced and nutritious diet for bulldogs is very important to keep them happy and healthy, and that goes for their eyes and sight, too! Make sure their diet includes essential vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin A, which is vital for eye health. The best way to get your dog the diet that they need is to visit your veterinarian and ask for advice and recommendations! Bulldogs can get vitamin A from some types of meat, vegetables like carrots, and even eggs in their meals!

  • A regular vet check is the best prevention

Always remember that your veterinarian is your best friend when it comes to your puppy’s health! Make sure to schedule regular vet check-ups for your pup! Veterinarians can identify any early signs of cherry eye or other eye problems that can lead to this issue. If there is a need, your vet will recommend specific eye drops or ointments to keep your bulldog’s eyes healthy and in good shape!


By staying on top of these preventive routines, you’ll can reduce the likelihood of your chubby English bulldog experiencing cherry eye troubles!

Cherry eye in Bulldogs – the surgery cost

Englsih bulldog shop English bulldog cherry eye - symptoms, treatment and advice

English bulldog cherry eye is not life-threatening, but it can lead to discomfort, irritation, and potential complications if we just leave it untreated. Unfortunately, surgery is often necessary to correct this issue. The price for such an operation typically ranges between $500 to $1,500 depending on various factors like location, veterinarian expertise, and any additional treatments required. What is even more inconvenient is that the cherry eye problem is quite persistent. When you choose surgery in one eye, and the veterinarian makes it better, there are great chances that the eye gland will prolapse in the other eye. That can double the surgery costs. But the good news is that after the cherry eye surgery is done, this problem shouldn’t reappear!


Even though the Bulldog Cherry eye surgery price is not small, you should know that your cuddly Bulldog will thank you for prioritizing their vision!

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